Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 3a: The Roadblock

First, I want to thank Sapper Joe (his blog can be found here) for passing on the Liebster Blog Award to Wanted: BRAINS!.  Thanks, Joe!  I appreciate your support, as well as the support of all my readers.  As I write this the blog shows 4, 341 views.  I guess that means a few of you enjoy reading each new installment, and that means a lot to me.  I enjoy coming up with ideas for the games and playing them out to see what happens, and it's equally fun to share the results with all of you.  Thanks for viewing!

I need to pass the award on to five other blogs that I enjoy.  The problem is that I'm not a big blog reader (that would be my wife) and even with the few I do read, I read them pretty irregularly.  Having said that, here are a few of my faves (in no particular order):

1. Mike Murphy's Bongolesia. link Mike's been a bit busy lately, but Bongolesia has provided a lot of entertainment for fans both on the site itself as well as on The Miniatures Page (if you're not familiar with TMP, check it out link ).

2. Although not a gaming blog, I have to give kudos to Allegria Images by Lynn. link  LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This is my wife's blog, but passing on the Liebster Award will be a complete surprise to her.  I am NOT passing on the award out of any sort of anything other than to let her know that I enjoy her blog.

3. Shelldrake's Zombie Wargame Blog link has the most original idea of Play-By-Blog.  He sets up a game and the gamers send their moves in, which he diagrams and posts to the blog along with the results of that turn.  Awesome idea!

4. Gunfreak's Apartment of War link , like the Lurker, always has something interesting on his blog.

5. Obviously Zed link is an enjoyable read and has had some interesting - and inspiring - situations set up for his zed hunters to deal with.

I was going to pass this on to The Angry Lurker, but he has over 1000 members so all he gets is an Honorable . . . er . . . Honourable Mention, and I had to pick another blog to replace his in the line up.

The rules are you have pass on the award to five other blogs with membership under 200 subscribers.  Thanks for sharing!

Now, on with the game...

*          *          *

Leaving Ahmed to watch over Angel, Bob got rid of the dead zeds and buried what was left of Joe.  There was plenty of food in the pantry of the farm house and Bob thought about holing up in it for a few days until everyone had some rest, but he thought it would be best to get back to Suburbia and get Angel what help they could get for her. 

Since he had to carry the three of them, plus gear and food, he decided to take the Land Rover with the Caravan and leave the Carmen Ghia.  He got the Rover gassed up, bringing a couple of five gallon cans of gas he found in the shed, switched the Caravan over and got everything packed up, getting Angel and Ahmed into the vehicle last. 

They drove in silence, traveling the unfamiliar route through Nowhere and Blowdown County instead of the more direct route they had tried the day before.  Only the day before?  It felt more like a century!

"Now what?" Ahmed wearily asked, indicating the blocked road ahead. 

"Looks like another accident or something," Bob answered.  He slowed down and maneuvered the trailer around the Jersey barriers. 

"What's up, sheriff?"  He stopped, rolling down the window.

"Howdy,  we're just trying to keep those things out of Blowdown County and Suburbia.  Any of y'all sick or had any run-ins with those things?"  the sheriff looked quizzically at Angel.

"Yes, we've been fighting those things for two or three days now.  Killed a whole bunch of them.  Yesterday one of them got our buddy, Joe.  It wasn't pretty."  He shuddered.  "It really damaged Angel and shook up Ahmed pretty bad." 

"Anybody hurt?" the sheriff asked.

"No, none of us are hurt," Bob explained.  "We're just trying to get back to Suburbia to get Angel taken care of." 

"We got an ambulance here," the sheriff pointed behind the sheriff's car.  "We can take her for you."

"That would be great - could Ahmed ride with her?"

"Absolutely," the sheriff assured him.  "Just pull up beside it there."

Bob pulled the Rover to the side and helped Angel and Ahmed to the paramedics.  Suddenly, he heard shouting and turned back.  He gathered that the police saw something down the road and, leaving Ahmed and Angel in the paramedics' care, he ran back to the barricade.

"What's that?" a deputy asked.

"Don't shoot," the sheriff instructed, "they could be just someone hurt or not sure of what to do."

Bob took one look and ran for his shotgun.  "Wrong, sheriff.  That's one of those things.  I suggest you shoot as soon as possible.  And watch for more.  There are probably more around."

"There's some in the woods."

"And look.  There.  There's more over there."

'Oh, shoot, hear we go again,' Bob thought.

Turn 1: The zeds fail to activate, as does one police team.  Bob has run to get his shotgun, but the other police team activates.  The zeds are just a little out of range, though, so no one moves or shoots as the police prefer to remain behind the barricades.

Turn 2: This time, the zeds activate with a 1 after Bob and one police team activate.  Bob moves up to the forward barricade, yelling to the police on his left (the active ones) to take on the zeds in the trees to the left.  Bob hits one of the zeds to the right and gets an OD result.  The police fire all their weapons.  The shotgun and one pistol both get hits with OD results (because of the range they roll against their Rep rather than weapon impact).  Despite three kills, four new zeds appear. 

"Hey!  There's more of those things coming!" 

Turn 3: Everyone activates!  Bob starts with a 5, but everyone gets a 4.  The police will move first since their team leads are Rep 5s.  Bob gets another hit and OD vs. the zed closing straight down the road on him.  One of the police on the right gets the last zed over there with a hit and an OD and one of the police on the left gets the same result against a zed on the left.  All the pistol fire is to no avail. 

"Hey, there's some behind us!"  Fortunately, a couple of the officers thought to look behind them and to the flanks, noticing the zombies coming in from behind.

Unfortunately, the fire draws four more zeds.

Turn 4: This time, everyone activates again, but the zeds go first, followed by the police on the right, then Bob and the police on the left.  One zombie reaches a deputy on the left and they begin melee.  The deputy passes 2d6 while the zed fails, but the deputy doesn't get an OD, leaving the zed knocked down. 

The police on the right react, by firing a the zed from the rear and the two from the right front.  The shotgun gets both of the zeds on the right front with ODs, but all the pistol fire fails to stop the zed from the rear.  Bob gets an OD versus the zombie to his front.  And turns to prepare for melee with the zed behind him.  The other police on the left fire at various zeds, getting one with an OD, but not getting any ODs from the rest of the shots. 

This round, only two new zeds appear.

Turn 5: Bob activates first with a 5, followed by the police on the right with a 4.  The zeds go last with a ,1 while the police on the left don't activate this turn.  Bob hits the zombie right in front of him with an OD.  One cop on the right (the shotgun) gets the zed behind them with an OD. 

The zeds move forward, and the detective being attacked by the zed on the left, again knocks the zed down.  Reacting to their movement, the shotgunner on the left hits the zed closing on the barrier and gets an OD. 

Since they didn't fire as much, only one new zed is attracted to the area. 

Turn 6: The zombies fail their activation roll, while everyone else activates with the police on the left going first, followed by Bob, and the police on the right.  The shotgunner on the left tries to take out the zed causing so much trouble, but trips and fires into the ground - completely missing his target!  Bob gets an OD against the zed in the road in front of him.  The shotgunner on the right also also gets an OD against the zed on the right front.  The field is almost clear, but one bad roll will ruin their day.  The ambulance is finally ready to roll and heads off towards Suburbia. 

Turn 7: Everyone activates, but Bob and the cops on the right go first, followed by the cops on the left and then the zeds.  Bob gets an OD against the zombie down the road and the shotgunner on the right gets the same against the zed in the trees, leaving only the one on the ground.  This time, the shotgunner on the left gets it right and rolls an OD versus the problem zed.  The field is clear but will the fire attract any new zeds?  No.  And it's game over for the good guys. 

"How did the zeds get behind us?" one of the deputies mused.

"We must have been wrong about them all being in front of us," the sheriff answered.

They all realized that didn't bode well for Blowdown County, Suburbia or any of the other areas to the south and east.

"And maybe it's not such a good idea to man a roadblock out here in the middle of nowhere," he added as an afterthought.


Zabadak said...

Great idea for a scenario, enjoying the bat-rep too

Brummie said...

Nice AAR. As Joe says great idea for a scenario love those concrete dividers they really work well.