Friday, December 28, 2012

A Bit of Christmas Cheer

No, I didn't get oodles of toys for Christmas.  Just a few.  And none that fit into Wanted: BRAINS! in any way, shape or form.  But my last post catapulted me well past 5000 page views (actually went from 4968 or so, to 5233 as of just a few minutes ago - that's 265 views in just the couple of weeks since my last post).  That may not seem like a lot when you consider there are blogs that have a thousand, or fifteen hundred, or even five thousand subscribers.  But I think it's a nice round number for my little zombie blog with 31 subscribers, 27 (well, 28 now) posts and which has only been in existence for a year and a half or so. 

At any rate, to celebrate, I wanted to do something for you, my readers, fans, stalkers, or whatever you consider yourselves to be.  Obviously there are a lot more of you lurking in the shadows than just the 31 zombie hunters that subscribe to the blog.  Which is a good thing.  A really good thing.  I mean, I could blog all the games and figures I wanted, but if you didn't read the posts, it would all just be for myself, now wouldn't it?  And I already know what the little suckers look like, and how the games turn out, and etc., and etc., so there's really no point in me blogging for myself.  Fortunately, I can say, with some measure of success, that I really am blogging for you!

So to show my appreciation for reading, I wanted to do something for you.  (I guess I said that in the last paragraph, but I had to segue into the next line somehow and that seemed the best way to do it.)  I have been mulling over a competition of some sort, with the prize being a handful of painted figs (painted by me, that is) to the person that I deem to be the victor of whatever nefarious scheme my madness generates.  Problem is, my madness isn't generating a whole lot of anything at the moment, except for an annoying buzzing sound inside my brain somewhere.  In discussing the idea with my significantly better half, she said when she's seen blogs do this sort of thing, they just ask a question of some sort in order to generate a lot of comments, then pick randomly from among the comment posters.  OK.  That's one way to do it, but it just didn't seem like a lot fun to me - for either me or for you.  Let's face it - this blog is all about having some fun for both of us! 

Since I'm not coming up with any good ideas, I thought for my first contest, competition, or what have you, I'd ask you for the good ideas for a contest, competition, or what have you.  Yup, that's right.  The first contest is a contest to come up with cool ideas for contests.  If you want to play along, just post a comment with your idea for a good contest for a zombie gaming blog like this one to host and the poster of the idea that I like the best will receive a handful of painted (by me) 15mm Rebel Minis zombies in the mail.  I'm supposed to go to some more military training in January for a month or so, so you might not receive them until February or March, but I guarantee you will get them.  I'll give you until midnight on December 31 to get your ideas posted.  No, you don't have to post at midnight on December 31, that will just be your last chance to post. 

That reminds me, I changed how comments are posted on the blog.  Now, you don't have type the two messed up words that you can never read into the box ('Is that a lower case 's' or an upper case 's'?  Can't tell - stupid thing!').  Instead, just type your comment and hit 'Post', 'Send' or whatever it says for you to do with it, and it magically pops up in Blogger for me to check the box and and click 'Post Comment' or whatever it says for me to do with it.  Then, BINGO, your comment appears on screen.  It's amazing. 

OK, so on with the contest.  READY. . . SET . . . POST!


Francis Lee said...

Best zombie movie ever and why?

Simon Q said...

Perhaps post up some pics of famous people when they where young or old and then we have to guess who they are.

Chris Wilson said...

I don't know if this posted the first time or not, but how about everyone makes a scene with their zombie game minis and scenery, and makes a caption like a comic book kinda thing, and the best one wins?

RebelMike said...

How about a contest where people paint thier favorite undead celebrity?