Saturday, October 12, 2013


I picked up Zombies!!! Director's Cut.  Figured I could play with the game group, but when the kids see my ATZ campaign stuff out, they always ask to play a zombie game with me so I thought this might serve dual purpose.  Pulled it out to play with the little guy since my daughter didn't want to play it.  We had a ball. 

You start the game with all players on the town park tile.  Each player has three brain (life) and three bullet (ammo) chits, which can be used when you're fighting the zombies.  Each player adds a tile with a set number of zombies and, sometimes, brain and bullet chits.  You also get cards which give you special abilities or bonus chits when you reach certain tiles.  You roll a die to see how far you can move, and you have a 50/50 chance of killing any zombies you choose to fight.  The brain and bullet chits give you a second chance or better your chance of killing the zombies.  After you move, you roll the die again to see how many zombies you move one square.  You can use this movement to clear your own path, or impede other players. 

I actually think we were playing it wrong the first couple of times we played it.  I had it in my mind that you had to play an ammo chit to attack the zombies, but rereading the rules you don't - you just attack, and if your die roll is low, you can add an ammo chit or two to adjust your die roll, or play a brain chit to reroll altogether.  Next time I play, we'll play it correctly and I'm sure the game will go more smoothly and make more sense that way.

Anyway, the little rat kept pushing zombies my way to kill me off and force me back to start, but the plan ended up backfiring on him.  See, there are two ways to win the game: the first is to collect 25 zombies, but when you get killed, you lose half of your zombies and start over at the beginning, and the second is to be the first player to get to the center square in the helicopter pad tile.  Well, the boy was off on a wild goose chase of his own and killed me off, which actually put me closer to the helicopter tile.  I was able to clear the way and make it to the tile in both games we played, winning, but the kid isn't such a bad gamer even at 7.  If he got over the idea of having to use his cards, he could have played a little different strategy and given me a closer game. 

It's a lot of fun and there are about a dozen expansion sets to add more variation, ways of winning, and more fun to the game.  It's a very simple game, but strategy can become complicated with the ability to move zombies into your opponents path, and the multiple ways to win.  I recommend it as a great beer and pretzel game, and it could easily become a classic within the niche. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 5a: Siege at the Cabin

"What's that?"


"That noise - what was that?"

"What time is it?" mumbles Kay through his pillow.

"I don't know.  1.  2.  What difference does it make?  What's that noise?"

"I don't know, why don't you look outside."

"What the . . .?  There's zombies everywhere out there . . ."

The flash of light must have attracted zombies far and wide.

NOTE: Do not adjust your computer screen.  It's the middle of the night.  What did you expect - broad daylight?

Turn 1: Teams rolls a 5, but the Zeds are inactive.  Kay and Sculder both OD a zed a piece.  No new zombies appear.

Turn 2: Team rolls a 4 and again the Zeds are inactive.  Kay ODs another zombie, but Sculder misses.  The shotgun doesn't attract any zeds this turn.

Turn 3: The Zeds activate first with a 4, over the Team's 1.  The zombies on the periphery close, but those right up at the cabin are unable to gain entrance.  Kay misses(!) but Sculder gets one with an OD and attracts another zed.

Turn 4: The Team is inactive, while the Zeds activate with a 1.  All of the zeds close the cabin this turn.  The team can't fire, so no zeds are attracted.

Turn 5: This time the Team activates with a 1 while the Zeds are inactive.  Kay ODs two zeds with the Kill-o-Zap and Sculder gets one with the shotgun.  No zeds appear from the gunfire.

Turn 6: Zeds go first with a 4 to the Team's 1.  Kay and Sculder both OD a zed each, but the gunfire attracts another zombie.

Turn 7: Activation roll is a tie so no one can move.

Turn 8: Zeds get a 3, activating before the Team with a 1.  The zeds are still unable to get through the door, but Kay ODs one more.  Sculder stops firing so he doesn't attract anymore zeds.

Turn 9: The Team activates with a 4 to the Zed's 2.  Kay ODs one.  The other zed closes and gets through the door, charging Sculder.  Fortunately for him, he passes 2d6 on the Being Charged test.  He fires and blows the zombie away with an OD, but he attracts another one from the shotgun blast.

Turn 10: The Zeds activate first with a 3, but the Team is inactive.  The remaining zed closes, but the team can't see it yet in the dark.

Turn 11:  The Zed moves first with a 3 over the Team's 2. 

Kay blasts the last zed, and doesn't attract anymore. 

Quiet now returns to the woods, but our heroes can't get back to sleep.  With the windows blown out and the door now unhinged by the charging zombie, they have to stay up and keep watch so they don't get caught off guard.

*     *     *     *     *
The team got a lot of lucky rolls - Sculder almost always ODed a zed whenever he fired with the shotgun, they didn't attract a lot of new zeds, and the zeds were inactive a quarter of the game, as well as not being able to burst through the door.  Good game but it could have turned out significantly differently . . . as could they all.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 4: Interlude

"Looks like we're going to have to spend the night in the cabin," Kay said.  "It's too far back to town and I don't remember whether there was a motel there or not anyway."

"I think I'd just as soon spend the night in the SUV, but you're probably right."  Looking around, Sculder added, "Doesn't look too bad, though.  Might just be comfortable after all."

"Oh, yeah, I almost forgot," Kay added.  Sculder started to turn towards him.  "I wanted to show you this pen..."


Sculder was temporarily disoriented by the flash, so bright that it even lit up the woods through the cabin windows.

"You will remember everything about today, except the Kill-o-Zap and the cockroach comment," Kay said, finally removing his sunglasses.

"I will remember everything about today, except the Kill-o-Zap and the cockroach comment," Sculder repeated.  A few minutes later, he shook his head to clear it and went on with bedding down for the night in the cabin.

*     *     *     *     *
'Another stellar day,' Bob thinks as he throws himself down on the bed.  'What am I going to do next?' 
 'I wonder what's going on in Suburbia.  I almost forgot about it!'
Suddenly, he sat up and said out loud, "Hey!  The TV!"  He had been so tired he hadn't even thought about it or turned it on.  With a click the TV popped to life - right in the middle of a newscast. 
". . . we had to run into a building to escape those things, Kim.  Now we're trapped here.  We can hear the things outside, scratching at the door with their claw-like fingers, trying to get in.  Hopefully we'll be safe until someone can rescue us here."
"Thank you for that report, Sandy.  That was Sandy Miles reporting from on-location, somewhere out there.  We don't know how much longer we'll be broadcasting.  We don't know how many of you are left watching.  Suburbia is being overrun by those things.  Some call them zombies.  Some say they're other things.  We may never know.  Things are so confused and we can't get reporters out onto the streets to find out what the situation really is.  This is Kim Porter, signing off for WSNN.  See you soon."  She smiled briefly, and when the light on the camera went out, her smile went out.  She sat for a minute with her head in her hand before she collected her papers and went to her dressing room, where a cot had been set up so she wouldn't have to leave the studio.
'Guess there's no reason to go back to Suburbia,' Bob thought.  'Doesn't sound like there's anything left there.  Might be a few people, but there won't be for long.'  He stared at the ceiling, gradually drifting off to sleep.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 4b: Back to the Woods

"Here's that cabin those kids told the sheriff about, Agent Kay," Sculder tells the other agent, who is on interagency loan (Agent Kay: Rep 5, "Pistol", Slow).

"Hmm, looks pretty quiet to me,"  Kay answers glancing around.

"I don't know," Sculder responds uneasily, "I wouldn't take any of it for granted.  You never know.  And these things are pretty vicious."

"Humph!  You ever been in a cockroach's belly?" Kay asks.

"Huh?" is all Sculder can get out - confused by this question.

Kay realizes he's said too much.  "Nevermind.  Let's see what we can find here."

*     *     *     *     *
"Uh, Kay?  Did you bring a shotgun with you?"  Sculder asks with a stutter.
"Well, I've actually got something better," Kay responds cryptically.
Sculder is again confused.  "Better than a shotgun?"
Kay confirms his previous statement with a "Yup!"
"OK, well good," says Sculder.  "Looks like you're going to need it - here come some of those things!"
Turn 1: There is a tie so neither side can move, but the agents whip out their weapons and get ready to fight. 
"What is that thing?" Sculder asks when he sees the tiny handgun Kay is holding. 
"A Kill-o-Zap," replies Kay simply.  (Kill-o-Zap: Range 12, Target 2, Impact 2 minimum(!))
Turn 2: Zeds are active first and begin to close the circle around the two agents.  Will this be the end of our intrepid agents? 

"Let's get the three in front of us first," Kay directs Sculder.  "That way we'll have some space to move in."  Sculder hits one for an OD with the shotgun.  "Good shot!  Here let me help," offers Kay. 
He fires and solidly hits the first zed, which - explodes!  The second one he only hits in the leg, but it tears the zed's leg off and drops it to the ground.
Kay yells, "OK - GO!" and the two of them take off running (Fast Move) through the space they just opened up. 
"What are you using - exploding ammo?" 
"Something like that."
Two more zeds appear as a result of the gunfire.
Turn 3: Agents activate first this time around.  Sculder fires his shotgun again and gets a Knockdown, while Kay gets another solid hit and the zombie explodes.  The zeds turn and move towards them, even the one missing its leg is crawling as best it can towards them.  No new zeds show up this turn.
Turn 4: Agents activate first again.  "Don't shoot, Sculder - let me try something," Kay calls.  Kay fires, getting two solid hits, but only ODs one, knocking a leg off the other one and dropping it to the ground also.  They then Fast Move to the left, trying to circle the zeds in a plan to move back to the car.  "Watch our backs, Sculder!"  Good thing Kay reminded him - another zed appears to their rear from the gunshots. 
Turn 5: Doubles - neither side can act.
Turn 6: Agents are active first.  Sculder fires the shotgun and gets two hits on a zed for an OD.  Kay explodes another zed, but only takes an arm off a second one.  Two more zombies appear from the shotgun blast.
"Head for the truck!"  The two agents Fast Move making it around the zombies to the truck.
Turn 7:  Zombies are inactive, so the agents jump in the SUV and fire it right up.  Fortunately, the noise doesn't attract any new zeds, but as Sculder drops it into reverse and is about the stomp on the gas, Kay says, "Wait!  We can't leave!  We have to find out the source of these things." 
"Darn it, Kay!  You're right, of course."  Sculder puts the SUV back in park and turns off the motor.  "Ready?"
"Let's do it!" and the two of them step back out of the SUV and move to where they can get a clear view of the zeds.  Kay fires and explodes another one, while Sculder fires at two of them but only hits one, fortunately getting an OD.  One new zed appears.
Turn 8: Agents activate before the zombies.  "Don't shoot unless you have to, Sculder.  I think it's your shotgun that's attracting them," Kay directs.  Kay explodes another zed with a solid hit.
Turn 9: Zeds are good, but the agents fail to activate!  Not a good place to be in.  Kay passes his Being Charged test against the first zed and fires, missing it completely(!).  With his second shot, he vaporizes the first zed just feet from him.  Two more charge and again he passes his Being Charged test, and prepares for melee.  In melee, they pass the same number of dice and the melee will continue.
Turn 10: Zeds are inactive, the agents are good.  Sculder rushes up and jams the shotgun into the mouth of one of the zeds meleeing with Kay.  He blows its head clean off.  Kay passes 2d6 to the zeds 0d6 in the melee and ODs it, but one new zed appears. 
Turn 11:  Zeds are inactive again this turn.  Kay explodes two more with the Kill-o-Zap, but another one appears.
Turn 12: The agents are inactive this time, so the few zeds remaining continue to close.
Turn 13: Agents are active first, followed by the zeds.  Kay explodes one more zed, but one charges Sculder.  He passes his Being Charged test and hits it for a knockdown.  Better than nothing!  No new zeds appear.
Turn 14: Agents are active first again.  Kay knocks one zed down, ripping its arm off.  No new zeds appear. 
Turn 15: Zeds are inactive.  Kay explodes a zed, but the one Sculder knocked down gets back up.  No zeds appear.
Turn 16: Team is active first.  Kay hits the last zed, but only knocks it down with its leg torn off. 
The team quietly picks off the last three zombies.  They can only crawl after all, and the team can finish them off at their luxury.  As they are finishing off the last one, another zombie appears.  On the next turn, Kay explodes it with two final shots from the Kill-o-Zap. 
*     *     *     *     *
The agents survived and can continue their quest to find where the zombies originated.  They might never know.  Or they might stumble on the secret one day.  We'll just have to hope they can solve the puzzle before they get eaten!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 4c: The End of Ted

That afternoon, Bob hears Ted's door opening and closing as he packs up his car.  Bob peeks out the window and doesn't see any zeds so he opens his door and quietly calls to Ted to keep the noise down or he'll attract more zombies. 

"Yeah, whatever," Ted responds as he keeps moving.  "I called the cops on you and they said if those things were around here you were doing everyone a favor and I'd better get out of here or I'd get eaten by them."  He slammed his car door.  "I don't know what connection you have to the cops around here, but I'm out of here.  Between you and them, this is obviously the wrong place to be."

"Well stop slamming doors or I'll have to say I told you so."

Turn 1: Zeds, active; Ted, not active.  Ted stops to catch his breath.  Looking up he sees someone coming towards him.  "What the . . .?"

Turn 2: All inactive.

Turn 3: Ted is inactive; Bob activates with a 5 over the Zeds' 3.  Bob hears Ted screaming and cracks the door to tell him to shut up.  But then he sees the zeds. 

Grabbing his shotgun, he heads out the door and shoots both barrels, hitting and getting ODs on the two closest zombies.  No new zeds appear.  (I'm rolling one die per shotgun die rolled per our discussion on the Comments page of Day 4a: Good Morning, Sunshine!.)

Turn 4: Bob outactivates the Zeds again; Ted is still inactive.  Bob reloads and runs to grab Ted, but he won't budge - he's a little freaked out by what he's just seen and the zeds and all.

Turn 5: This time Ted activates, but Bob doesn't (!).  The Zeds are also active.  Ted runs for his door, but Bob is in the way.  The zeds are all within charge range so charge.  Three charge from Ted's back.  He passes 0d6 on the Being Charged Test because he's fighting three opponents. 

Two of the zeds pass their melee and drag Ted down.  They will spend the next three turns feasting on him.  Bob is charged by one zed from the front and one from his right.  He cannot move, but he passes 2d6 vs. each of the zombies charging him so he can fire.  He fires one barrel at the zed coming in from the front, but only gets a Knock Down, while he gets a hit and an OD with the other barrel against the zed coming from his right.  The gunfire attracts another zed. 

Turn 6: Bob activates with a 4, while the Zeds are inactive.  Bob reloads, backs off 7", and fires both barrels at the zombies munching Ted.  Unfortunately, he only hits one, but gets an OD on it.  No new zeds appear. 

Turn 7: The Zeds activate for 4 to Bob's 1.  Bob only passes 1d6 on the Being Charged test and preps for melee, but he can't fire.  The zed is only knocked down. 

Turn 8: Zeds beat Bob again with a 4 to his 1.  Since two of the zeds are still munching Ted and the second can't reach Bob yet, so he runs, heading for the gas station. 

Turn 9: Bob gets a 3 while the Zeds are inactive.  Bob heads down the road, careful to stay more than 6" from the zeds, and fires both barrels.  He misses one zed, but hits for an OD on the other.  No new zeds are attracted to the gunfire.

Turn 10: Bob get a 3 to the Zeds' 2.  Bob reloads and runs for the cover of the restaurant.  The zeds follow as he planned. 

Turn 11: Bob gets a 5, but the Zeds are inactive, apparently confused by Bob's movement.  He fires both barrels at the farther pair of zeds, killing one with an OD, but missing the other.  No new zeds are attracted to the gunfire.

Turn 12: Bob activates with a 4 to the Zeds' 2.  Bob reloads and heads around the back of the restaurant, again wanting the zeds to follow. 

Turn 13: Both are inactive.

Turn 14: They both roll 3s, so no one can do anything. 

Turn 15: Bob rolls a 5, and the Zeds score a 3.  Bob runs out to the road to catch the closer zed in the back.  He fires one barrel and hits for an OD.  The last zed turns and heads back towards the gunfire.  No new zeds appear.

Turn 16: Bob again activates ahead of the last Zed (just what he was counting on) and fires the other barrel of the shotgun, getting a hit for an OD.  No new zeds appear for the gunfire. 

Bob has to bury Ted's remains so it doesn't attract anything.  Darkness is falling so he gets the job done as fast as he can and returns to the room, where he barricades himself inside for the second night.  He is suddenly feeling much less secure.  He might have been able to turn Ted into an ally if Ted hadn't been lunch for the zeds.  Now, he's alone again. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Zombie Dice

I picked this silly little game up a couple of weeks ago, figuring it would be a fun, simple game to play with the kids.  My daughter has been asking me to play a game of ATZ with me, but we just couldn't take the time this weekend, so I pulled out the Zombie Dice and we played a couple of games. 

The game is simple.  There are thirteen dice, each die with varying numbers of brains, shotgun blasts and footprints on them.  You shake the cup, remove three dice, give them another shake and roll them.  You put any brains to one side, any shotgun blasts to the opposite side and footprints in the middle.  You can keep rolling until you reach three shotgun blasts.  Then your turn is over.  If you survive long enough and work through all the dice, you then begin re-rolling your footprints (which represent your victims trying to get away).  The goal is to be the first person to reach thirteen brains.  Each game takes about fifteen or twenty minutes, depending on rolls, of course. 

Sometimes you get lucky - here after two rolls, Julia has three brains, two footprints and a shotgun blast.  She could safely keep rolling until she gets another shotgun blast.

Sometimes you don't - a couple of times, Adam and I both got three shotgun blasts in a single roll, ending our turn before it began. 

All in all, it's not a bad little game.  I wouldn't plan a night of playing it, but to pass the time waiting on your opponent to make a move or while waiting for other players to arrive for gaming it works just right.  There's also an expansion set available, but I didn't pick that one up yet.  It adds some variables that can work for you - or against you.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 4a: Good Morning, Sunshine!

Bob finds a small oasis in the middles of farms and woods.  A motel, service station and restaurant meet his weary eyes.  There are cars and people going about their business.  He opts to go straight to the motel, eat some of the camping food he has, and go to bed. 

He feels safe for the first time in three days, but all the same, brings some of his camping equipment and Joe's double-barrel shotgun into the hotel room to make sure he's covered.  He beds down for the night after taping cardboard over the motel window and jamming a chair under the knob of the locked door.

The next morning, Bob wakes up with a jolt.  It takes him a minute to recall what happened and where he is.  He breathes a sigh of relief and lays back but is only there for a couple of minutes before he realizes how hungry he is.  He also has to fill the Land Rover with gas. 

He showers and dresses before heading out the door for breakfast.  Breakfast?  It's nearly noon!  He slept almost 14 hours!  He walks almost to the road before he realizes that something is wrong.  He looks around and realizes that he sees some cars - one at the gas pumps, a couple at the restaurant, one at the motel - but he doesn't see any people, like he had the previous night.  Just in case, he returns to the room and grabs the shotgun, before heading back towards the restaurant.  Just as he reaches the street, he catches sight of the zeds - three coming between the restaurant and service station. 

Turn 1: Bob activates, but the zeds don't.  He advances 5 inches (sure to keep the zeds outside of 6") and fires both barrels of the shotgun, getting hits and Obviously Dead results on all three!  No new zeds arrive from the gunfire.

Turn 2: Activation results in a tie - neither side activates, but Bob reloads the shotgun.

Turn 3: Zeds activate first and move towards the sound of the shotgun.  Bob is right in the middle of two zombies coming at him from opposite sides. 

Bob fires at - and hits for an OD - the zed on his left.  He then rolls for a fast move and is able to move up to 16".  He heads for the rear of the restaurant, expecting the zeds to follow. 

Turn 4: Bob activates first and decides to take matters into his own hands.  He runs back out to the road and fires the other barrel of the shotgun at the zed by the truck in the service station, for a hit and an OD, then uses the remainder of his movement to head back towards the back of the restaurant.  The zombies move towards the sound of the gunfire.

Turn 5: No one activates.

Turn 6: Bob activates first again.  He has to reload to he keep moving around the back of the restaurant, being sure to stay out of sight of the zombies, who continue to move towards where they last saw him.

Turn 7: Bob activates first again and heads for the corner of the delivery van parked in front of the restaurant. 

From the cover of the van, he fires at the trail zombie, hitting it for an OD.  The other zed crosses the front of the restaurant towards him.

Turn 8: Bob doesn't activate, but the zed does, and charges. 

Bob passes the Being Charged Test and fires, hitting for an OD.

Just to be safe, Bob reloads and then begins a careful investigation of the buildings.  He finds no one in the restaurant, but runs into a zed in the service station, which he dispatches with a fortunate OD from the shotgun.  Searching the motel office and rooms, he finds a Male, Rep 3, Wuss, no weapons named Ted in one of the motel rooms.  They pass the same number of dice on Talk the Talk and decide to part amiably as the Wuss doesn't want to join Bob. 

Probably didn't believe what Bob told him about was happening.  Bob was carrying a shotgun and had killed a whole bunch of what - to the Wuss - looked like living people.  I mean, heck, would you believe him?

*     *     *     *     *
A while ago I was looking for paper buildings for this scenario, but decided it was more hassle than it was worth so I picked up some cheap HO buildings on sale from Hobbylinc and was able to build them over the last couple of weeks. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 3: Interlude 2

First of all, life has been hectic, which has cut significantly into my game time.  I'm going to have to do something about that.  I finally got a (part-time) job.  Over time, it pays decently enough, but there is no guarantee of getting full-time anytime in the near future.  And I spend twelve hours a day between getting to work, getting home from work, working and the break in the middle of the work day.  Out of that, I get paid for between five and seven hours.  It ain't gonna work so something's going to have to change soon! 

Right now I'm staying at a Marriott Residence Inn on duty with the Army.  How tough can life get?  I'm doing a 5-week language refresher course and it's kicking my behind, but I'm getting through it.  This is the first refresher I've been to since I got out of DLI two years ago.  We're supposed to go to refreshers every year, but we just couldn't work it out with some other training I was supposed to do but I am here now.   Finally. 

There isn't as much time to play as I thought there would be - partly because I spent all my free time the first week and weekend here trying to finish up the Advanced Leader Course Common Core Self-Study Development, which is the on-line portion of ALC.  It's rated at 80+ hours and while I admit it didn't take that long, it was still time intensive and I just wanted to get it over with so I could focus on the language while I'm here.  I might have a little more time to play now that I'm just about done with that. 

Second, I want to


And your patience, by the way.
Third, it's time to see what Bob does next!
*     *     *     *     *
'Doggone! It feels like a year since all this started.  It's hard to believe it's only been three days.'  Bob is starting to feel the wear and tear of all the adrenaline that's been coursing through him the last couple of days.
'My friends are gone - dead or crazy.  What am I doing?  I need to find somewhere to go.  Oh, I need gas.  I need somewhere to sleep.  I need food - wait, I have food.  But I need to eat.  This is not the place to stop if it's like everywhere else I've been the last three days.'  Bob is feeling like a zombie driving down the road on autopilot trying to sort out what to do next. 
'Is the city going to be any better?  Is it worse?  I need to find out what's going on before I go anywhere else.'  He begins to formulate some thoughts, at least.  'But I need a secure place to stop and sleep.  And think.  I need to be able to stop and think for a bit without these things coming after me all the time.  I wish I knew this road, what's on it and where it goes.  I guess I'll find out.  I'm so tired.' 
Far down the road, Bob notices what appears to be a break in the endless trees and farms, and sees what appears to be signs.  He first thinks he's hallucinating.  But as he gets closer, it appears that he may have found somewhere to stop after all. 

*     *     *     *     *

Is this somewhere to stop for the night?  For a couple of days maybe?  Will he be safe here or will he meet his demise here?  Stay tuned to find out more.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Zombie Avocado Pit

Well, it's been way too long since I posted anything on here.  Sorry about that.  Life and messed up computer screen kept me from bothering too much with my computer except for the "had to" kinds of things like, oh, looking for a job.  Anyway, the wife saw this on-line somewhere and decided to try it out with the kids since we just happened to have an avocado in the fridge.

So all you have to do is get a hold of a fresh avocado pit and carve it into a face.  As it dries it will crack in interesting ways creating a zombie avocado pit face.  Give it a try and see what you end up with.  Heck, send me the pictures here with Zombie Avocado in the subject line and I'll put them up on here. 

Yes, I still owe Rebel Mike and Chris figures.  I have them sitting on my workbench, based and primed, so that's a step forward!  I'll put up pics when I get them done.  I have a small commission job sitting in the queu just ahead of them, but I admit that I keep getting sidetracked by a recurring love interest (1/1250 Coastals).  I also have the stuff for another installment of my ATZ campaign, but I still need to put together the paper buildings and play it out.  I keep waiting for a quiet time in order to get it done.  So far, I haven't really had one.  I will make time in the next couple of weeks to get a game in.  Have a good one, friends!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Random Blather

That's what I've been hearing all day from my 6-year-old, who could give James Joyce a run for his money when it comes to stream-of-consciousness.  I think he would drive the esteemed Mr. Joyce into the asylum, actually.  He hasn't stopped talking since he got up this morning around 7, even when we've asked him to.

But he did have an interesting story to tell about a "dream" he had.  No, not really, but that's what he said it was.  It was a zombie who turned people into cookies.  He had 2200 bakeries in his chocolate chip muffin fortress.  People called him Mr. Cookie because he ate so many sweets and everyone knew he was going to die.  He was 90 when he died.  I guess I better watch it, with all the sweets I eat, when I die I'm very likely to turn into a zombie who turns people into cookies.  I'm a long way from 90, however, so you're all safe for the moment. 

This "dream" of his was probably inspired by my Valentine's Day present from my sweetie:

A box of custom made zombie-themed valentine cookies.  You might not be able to make it out in the picture, but the little people have a bite out of their heads and their brains are showing.  The pink hearts are a little hard to make out, too.  They say, "Be mine or else".  The blue ones are heart-shaped brains.  And the white ones at the top say "I love you like zombies love brains". 

Never expected this one.  My wife is always full of surprises.  Last year, her gift was a box of Peanuts cookies from the same cookie decorator.  She has some standard ones she does, but I think my wife specifically requested some with Snoopy sitting on his doghouse as the World War I flying ace, because I really love Snoopy as the World War I flying ace.  Probably sounds silly coming from a 47-year-old-man, but it's true.  I have a tie with him on it.  It was my daughter's first Father's Day present.  I even have the book, Snoopy and the Red Baron.  Believe it or not, it's sitting on my bookcase alongside every book about Manfred von Richthofen (the real Red Baron) that I can find.  Yes, I'm something of a fan of his, as well.  I'm sure I posted pics of the Peanuts cookies somewhere but I can't find them now (of course) and the digital copy was lost when my computer had to be reformatted after a virus got me.  So I guess I'm out of luck.  But they were very, very cool - I really hated to eat them.  I thought for sure I'd put them on FB but no luck.

If you are interested in giving someone special some zombie-themed cookies, I couldn't find her website, but here is her FB Color Me Cookie.  She's located in Tire Hill, PA, but she'll ship anywhere. 

I have another post for you, too - maybe next week.  I haven't had time for a game since I've gotten home.  I have all the paper buildings for the next installment and I know what I want to do, I just have to find time to assemble them and game it out.  And I admit I still have to get the zombie figs out to Rebel Mike and Chris Wilson.  Chris, I need your e-mail so we can set up getting these zombies to you!

Monday, January 7, 2013

And the Winner Is...

Drumroll please...

I was somewhat disappointed that only four of you decided to offer up suggestions.  I was hoping to have several ideas to choose from.  All four had merit, but there were actually two of them that stood out - especially since they really captured the essence of what I was aiming at here.  So, without further ado, the envelope please...

Chris Wilson and Rebel Mike - will you both please come on up and take a bow!

Chris made the suggestion of people photographing a mini zombie diorama and adding a caption to it.

Mike thought it would be fun to see people paint up their favorite undead celebrities.  Or is that celebrity undead?  Either way, I think it will work. 

As a result, I'll paint up zombies for both of you!  I'd appreciate it if you guys dropped me a comment with your e-mail so I can get info on where you'd like your zombies sent (comments don't post automatically anymore so don't worry about giving the general public your e-mail address).  Thanks for playing and congratulations guys. 

I'm in the midst of playing Mr. Mom and a massive job hunt so I may be a little slow getting these out (still have a couple of Christmas presents around the house that need to get sent off - need I say more?), but I'll definitely get them to you in the near future.