Saturday, April 20, 2013

Zombie Avocado Pit

Well, it's been way too long since I posted anything on here.  Sorry about that.  Life and messed up computer screen kept me from bothering too much with my computer except for the "had to" kinds of things like, oh, looking for a job.  Anyway, the wife saw this on-line somewhere and decided to try it out with the kids since we just happened to have an avocado in the fridge.

So all you have to do is get a hold of a fresh avocado pit and carve it into a face.  As it dries it will crack in interesting ways creating a zombie avocado pit face.  Give it a try and see what you end up with.  Heck, send me the pictures here with Zombie Avocado in the subject line and I'll put them up on here. 

Yes, I still owe Rebel Mike and Chris figures.  I have them sitting on my workbench, based and primed, so that's a step forward!  I'll put up pics when I get them done.  I have a small commission job sitting in the queu just ahead of them, but I admit that I keep getting sidetracked by a recurring love interest (1/1250 Coastals).  I also have the stuff for another installment of my ATZ campaign, but I still need to put together the paper buildings and play it out.  I keep waiting for a quiet time in order to get it done.  So far, I haven't really had one.  I will make time in the next couple of weeks to get a game in.  Have a good one, friends!