Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 2b: Meanwhile...Down on the Farm

While our newly minted, yet intrepid, zombie hunters are making their way towards that Mecca of civilization known as Suburbia, the FBI has sent two of its best to investigate strange events that have taken place on a random, isolated farm in Nowhere.  (Yes, that's the name of the town.)  Agent Fox Sculder (Rep 4, Pistol, Wuss) and his partner Agent Dana Mully (Rep 4, Pistol, Hard-as-Nails) arrive at mid-day to question the farmer about what he had seen and heard.

*          *          *
The farmer came out the door, seeing the two FBI agents approaching the house.

"Good afternoon, sir, I'm Agent Sculder and this is my partner, Agent Mully from the FBI.  Did you report some weird events here yesterday?"  
"Yeah, I called the sheriff in Nowhere, but he he couldn't help me.  Said ta contact you fellas." 
"Where was the sheriff you called?"  Mully wanted to be sure she had the facts straight for her report.
"Nowhere," the farmer faced her.
"But...if you called could anyone have told you anything?" she asked, a little bewildered.
"Because Nowhere is the closest place to here," the farmer answered her with shrug.  "And anyways, that's what the sheriff told me to do."
Seeing the continued confusion on his partner's face, Sculder shook his head.  "Well, that doesn't really matter now, sir.  Please, tell us what you saw or what happened."
"Well, I was headin' out ta the barn when I saw ole John Hazen comin' across the field."  The farmer gestured behind him, suggesting the barn and field were somewhere behind the house.  "Somethin' looked funny 'cause ole John, he can't walk too good no more."  He shifted uncomfortably.  "I started towards him when I could see he looked like he was hurt bad with blood and guts all over him and then I smelled that stink."  He made a face.
"Can you describe the smell?"  Sculder prompted him.
"Yeah, smelled like dead, rottin' meat."  The man stopped.  "An' he was makin' a funny sound.  Kinda groanin' like,"  he added after a moment.  Continuing he said, "I ran back ta the house and called fer an amboo-lance.  Then I called the sheriff.  He said there was sumthin' funny goin' on all over the county and I should call you.  He said he already had a call in ta the FBI hisself."   
Sculder pointed down the length of the house.  "Is that kind of what your neighbor looked like?"
The farmer peered around the side of his house.  "Yup, that's just what he looked like."
"Oh, crap!"
Sculder and Mully drew their weapons as Sculder shouted, "Stop! FBI! Hands where I can see them!"
The thing kept coming
*          *          *
Turn 1: Zeds roll a 4, while the Feds roll a 2.  The zeds close in on the Feds and Sculder takes a shot.  One round hits and since the zed is just over 6" away, he rolls against his Rep and ODs the zombie. 
"Got one!" he gloats. 
"Yeah, but there's two more comin' up behind ya," the farmer points out.
Mully shoots past Sculder at the zed coming in from behind him.  She hits with one round, but only knocks it back an inch.
"Another one's comin' across the road," the farmer yells.
"Oh, here we go!"
Turn 2: Zeds roll a three, but the Feds roll a 5 and are stuck in place.  All zeds advance, and one is about to jump Mully when Sculder fires.  He gets one hit, but no OD - just knocking it back an inch. 
"Dang!  Why don't these things die?"  He asks of no one particular.
"And there's ANOTHER one comin' now," the farmer points down the road a bit.

Turn 3: This time, the Feds get a little breathing room - they roll a 3 to the zeds' 6. 
"Zombies!  They must be zombies!" Mully calls out. 
"Well how do you kill them?" Sculder yells back.
"You have to shoot them in the head or bash their brains out!"
"Screw that!  Let's get out of here!"  Sculder makes a command decision.  "Quick, into the vehicle!" 
Realizing the farmer is still on his porch, he shouts, "You too.  Come on, let's go!  We can protect you!"
"No, I've got ma farm ta tend.  Ya'll go on an' git!"  With that he turns and heads back into his house, slamming the door behind him.
Sculder and Mully jump into their vehicle and start it up.
Turn 4: The starter balks (just like in the movies!) and the Feds are stuck in place when they roll a 5 to the zeds' 3.  They shamble forward, surrounding the SUV.

Turn 5: This time, the Feds activate first with a 3, while the zeds have to wait with a 1. 
"Argh!"  The SUV still won't start!  The zeds can't do anything but mill around outside it.
Turn 6: Feds activate with a 2, while the zeds are immobile with a 6.  And they still can't start the car!
Turn 7: The Feds again activate with a 3, while the zeds remain immobile with a 5. 
This time, the engine roars to life!  Sculder throws it into gear and jams his foot on the gas, mowing down the zed in front of the vehicle.  The zombie is knocked down, but not OD! 
Turn 8: This time, both are active with the Feds rolling a 4 and the zeds rolling a 2. 
Sculder drives around the building, and the zeds shamble on their way, now that the vehicle with those tasty morsels inside are gone.
Turn 9: Neither side activates.
Turn 10: The zeds activate with a 4, and the Feds activate with a 1. 
The zeds continue to scatter, but Sculder catches one with the SUV.  Again he only knocks it down, but he and Mully aren't stopping to worry about it. 

Turn 11: Only the Feds activate this turn, and Sculder punches the pedal to the metal as they pull onto the road and exit.
In just a couple of turns, the zombies all shamble off the board, and peace and quiet again return to the farm.

*          *          *
In case you're interested, the farmhouse is another Whitewash City building shrunk to appropriate size.  The SUV and the pickup truck are both HO scale Model Power models, and the liquid storage tank is the 20' Tank Container from Walthers' Cornerstone Series.