Thursday, May 3, 2012

More Figs and some Transport

I need to pull everything out and get a good zombie game going again, but in the mean time, I've gotten some painting done.  First up are Rebel Minis' Modern Spies set.  Unfortunately, they are all the same pose and in this pic they look mostly to have the same paintjob, but I assure you they are individual.  I painted each one a different color, like they were trying out various colors for night camouflage.  There is, in no particular order (mainly 'cause I don't know which one's which), black, dark grey, dark blue, dark brown and a dark purple/plum. 

Next up, we have Rebel Minis' Gang Task Force.  These guys are in your basic olive-ish green with black equipment.

Finally, my government contractors/gray ops/black ops outfits have some new transportation - a black Ford Explorer (HO scale from River Point Minis) and a black MH-6 (QRF).  These boys get around!  Additional equipment installed in these vehicles is classified.  Sorry.

Sorry about the picture quality, they all have a reddish cast because of the dark red walls in the room, as you can see in the background.  Next time, I'll light them differently.