Monday, December 17, 2012

3b: Back to the Sheriff's Office

The sheriff noticed the men standing around the office door as soon as he turned off the highway.

"Well, howdy, Jeb," the sheriff called as he stepped out of the car.  "What can I do you for?"

"Sheriff, these things are taking over the county!  We insist that you arm us immediately," Jeb, who seemed to speak for the group, said firmly.

"You knows that I can't do that, Jeb," the sheriff responded.  "We don't have 'nough weapons for everyone in the county, and those are official police weapons.  If they were to be used in the committing of a crime, well, that just wouldn't be good." 

"Well, you better do something, sheriff, because here come a whole bunch of those things," Jeb pointed, surprising everyone.

"Aw, heck."

*          *          *
Turn 1: Everyone activates, with the police going first, the civilians second, and the zeds last.  Two of the deputies open fire, getting one OD between them.  The one with the shotgun isn't sure whether to cover the civilians or the zeds. 
"There's more coming this way," one of the boys shouts, pointing to the rear of the building. 
The sheriff and the shotgunner move to the sides of the office.  "Get behind us," the sheriff yells to the civilians, who mass together by the office door.
The zeds just take their move forward.  Two more appear as the result of the gunfire.
Turn 2: Zeds move first, followed by the police, and then the civilians.  This is not looking good!  Four (!) zeds surround one of the deputies and another zed reaches a second deputy.  In the second match, each side passes one and melee will continue, but in the first match, the zeds overwhelm the deputy and knock him down.  They will spend the next turn feasting on him.  Three of the four civilians pass 1d6 on the See Zombie Death table.  Two of them Duck Back to the front of the police car and huddle there - these guys cannot move until game end, while the third Ducks Back, then collapses.  He will have to check on the Crazy About My Job table at the end of the game.  The fourth civilian is unaffected.  The sheriff and the other deputy maintain their positions and don't see what happens to their buddy, yet.

The sheriff and the unengaged deputy now move to help their comrades.  The sheriff takes out the zed in melee with his deputy, while the other deputy moves to help his friend who's down.  When he first gets a look at the zeds munching on the deputy, he runs away, but gets a hold of his wits and will activate normally next turn. 
The one good civilian runs up to the group of zombies that is munching the deputy and starts to bash one on the head with a rock.  Melee will continue as he did not achieve an Obviously Dead.

No new zombies this turn.
Turn 3: Most of the zombies are busy this turn but the others will move after the police, while the civilians failed activation. The two good order deputies and the sheriff now run to help their comrade. The sheriff passes 2 on his See Zombie Death check and carries on, while the other deputy, who was fighting the one zombie, Ducks Back behind the police car, but will activate normally next turn on the Sanity Table. The sheriff and deputy each OD one zed in the pack.

"Hey, watch out!" the sheriff yells to his deputy just in time, as a zed is ready to pounce on him. He is surprised, though, and cannot react fast enough. He will only have 1d6 in melee. The sheriff is able to get a round off at the zombie charging him, but it has no effect. The sheriff and his attacker will continue in melee, while the deputy is knocked down and munched, the zed spending the next turn focused on its lunch.  (GRK!  Due to a technical glitch beyond my control, I lost all of the narrative beyond this point, but I will summarize the rest of the game as well as I can.)

Turn 4: The zombies fail to activate, but the police and civilians both activate.  The sheriff gets a Knock Down in melee followed by a Pop Goes the Weasel.  The civilian with the rock bashes in the head of the one zombie, leaving the one eating the deputy and the one facing the civilian.

Turn 5: The zombies and civilians both fail to activate while the police move to get better shots at the zed in front of them.  All shots miss, though.  At the end of the turn a black Suburban pulls up and Sculder and Mully jump out, armed with shotguns this time.  Unfortunately, neither has seen a zombie death and must roll.  Mully only passes 1, ducking back behind the Suburban and she'll have to roll on the Crazy About My Job table at the end of the game.  Sculder immediately lets off at the zed munching the deputy and gets an OD.  Miraculously, no zeds appear.

Turn 6: Zeds, police and civilians all fail activation, so Sculder runs up and takes out the last zombie without attracting any new ones. 
The final tally is two deputies munched, and both Mully and one civilian degenerate to blithering idiots as a result of the See Zombie Death table.  The other civilians recover at the end of the game. 
*          *          *
Wow!  Another crazy game with people and zombies falling left and right.  It could have been a lot worse, especially with those See Zombie Death rolls. 
I'm done with my training this week and heading home on Friday.  Unfortunately, the sheriff's office won't survive the trip home, but I might need to rebuild the sheriff's office as with the sheriff acquitting himself so admirably (as well as Sculder - who knew?  Especially with that Wuss attribute), the sheriff's office might become a bastion of sanity amidst the zombie wastes.
Don't know when the next game will come, but happy gaming, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in the meantime!


Colgar6 said...

Ooh, that's a lot of corpses to clean up, if the sherriff's office is to be fortified. I don't envy the shaken survivors in that task!

Gnotta' said...

Nice read!
"Buon Natale" to you and your family... :)

Zabadak said...

Ouch ! That was quite harsh; very enjoyable batrep.

Brummie said...

Great game report. Merry Christmas to you all and your family and have a happy new year!