Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 3: Interlude

"And now, the Suburbia News Network has a special on-scene report from Sandy Miles.  Sandy?"

"Thanks, Jackson in the WSNN newsroom.  Hi, this is Sandy Miles from WSNN reporting from the roadblock jointly established this morning by the Sheriff of Nowhere and the Blowdown County Sheriff's Department on Route 45 on the north side of Blowdown County."

"The roadblock is intended to help keep the plague that some of the regions to the north and west are experiencing at this time from spreading into these counties and eventually into Suburbia.  Reports have been coming into to Suburbia regarding the things that are prowling throughout the region and spreading some kind of disease or pestilence.  The CDC has been contacted and is also sending agents to the area to investigate the nature of this disease." 

"With me now is Sheriff Blanding from Blowdown County.  Sheriff, what other measures are being taken to ensure this plague doesn't spread further?"

"Well, Sandy, with our limited resources this is pretty much all we're able to accomplish.  However, my cohort from Nowhere has assured me that the FBI is putting its full weight into investigating the reports and that they are doing everything they can.  I'm sure it's only a matter of time until they will return to assist us and provide an explanation for everything that's been happening over the past few days."

"Thank you, Sheriff.  Is there anything that people should be aware of or that they can do to assist law enforcement with this endeavor?"

"No, Sandy.  Residents should let us handle this situation.  They can help us by calling in sightings to the special hotline that's been established.  They should call only when they first see one of these things and not everytime they see one." 

"Second, they should stay indoors as much as possible.  We still don't fully understand what we're dealing with here.  Along with that, they should keep their children and pets indoors as well."

"That's about it, Sandy."

"Sheriff, thank you for your time.  That was the Sheriff of Blowdown County taking a few minutes from his busy schedule to talk with us about the developing situation.  I'll continue to be in the area for the remainder of the day in case of any critical information coming to light, but for now, this is Sandy Miles signing off.  Back to you, Jackson."

"Thank you for that report, Sandy.  And now, in other news . . ."


David Cooke said...

This looks ominous!

Brummie said...

Can't wait for more! Looking good!

Doug Jeffreys said...

I can't believe she didn't jump at the opportunity to ask the Sheriff if they were slow moving.

Zabadak said...

eNice build up

Sapper Joe said...


I got nominated for the Liebster’s Award for a blog and part of that is to nominated 5 other blogs that I really enjoy, which I am nominating yours. I know that this is a meme, but hey, as PT Barnum use to say, 'There's no such thing as bad publicity'. The suggested rules for accepting the award can be found on my blog entry about being nominated for the award by someone else.

Regardless if you wish to join in, you have been doing a great job on your blog. Keep up the good work.


Lord Siwoc said...

The suspence....Brilliant hehe!!!

Gnotta' said...

I was sure I already was a follower... Following now and added you in my Zombie blogroll... Excellent job so far, looking forward for more!!! :)