Monday, September 2, 2013

Zombie Dice

I picked this silly little game up a couple of weeks ago, figuring it would be a fun, simple game to play with the kids.  My daughter has been asking me to play a game of ATZ with me, but we just couldn't take the time this weekend, so I pulled out the Zombie Dice and we played a couple of games. 

The game is simple.  There are thirteen dice, each die with varying numbers of brains, shotgun blasts and footprints on them.  You shake the cup, remove three dice, give them another shake and roll them.  You put any brains to one side, any shotgun blasts to the opposite side and footprints in the middle.  You can keep rolling until you reach three shotgun blasts.  Then your turn is over.  If you survive long enough and work through all the dice, you then begin re-rolling your footprints (which represent your victims trying to get away).  The goal is to be the first person to reach thirteen brains.  Each game takes about fifteen or twenty minutes, depending on rolls, of course. 

Sometimes you get lucky - here after two rolls, Julia has three brains, two footprints and a shotgun blast.  She could safely keep rolling until she gets another shotgun blast.

Sometimes you don't - a couple of times, Adam and I both got three shotgun blasts in a single roll, ending our turn before it began. 

All in all, it's not a bad little game.  I wouldn't plan a night of playing it, but to pass the time waiting on your opponent to make a move or while waiting for other players to arrive for gaming it works just right.  There's also an expansion set available, but I didn't pick that one up yet.  It adds some variables that can work for you - or against you.


commissar80 said...

No matter how simple a game is as long you and the kids had a blast is all that matters, i gotta pick this one up to try with the kids they just love rolling dice.

Zabadak said...

Looks like a great little Zombie themed game which presumably could be for many players.

Sundance said...

I should have noted in the blog entry that it is for any number of players, really. Obviously, the more players the longer the game will take, but that's not really a big deal.