Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 5a: Siege at the Cabin

"What's that?"


"That noise - what was that?"

"What time is it?" mumbles Kay through his pillow.

"I don't know.  1.  2.  What difference does it make?  What's that noise?"

"I don't know, why don't you look outside."

"What the . . .?  There's zombies everywhere out there . . ."

The flash of light must have attracted zombies far and wide.

NOTE: Do not adjust your computer screen.  It's the middle of the night.  What did you expect - broad daylight?

Turn 1: Teams rolls a 5, but the Zeds are inactive.  Kay and Sculder both OD a zed a piece.  No new zombies appear.

Turn 2: Team rolls a 4 and again the Zeds are inactive.  Kay ODs another zombie, but Sculder misses.  The shotgun doesn't attract any zeds this turn.

Turn 3: The Zeds activate first with a 4, over the Team's 1.  The zombies on the periphery close, but those right up at the cabin are unable to gain entrance.  Kay misses(!) but Sculder gets one with an OD and attracts another zed.

Turn 4: The Team is inactive, while the Zeds activate with a 1.  All of the zeds close the cabin this turn.  The team can't fire, so no zeds are attracted.

Turn 5: This time the Team activates with a 1 while the Zeds are inactive.  Kay ODs two zeds with the Kill-o-Zap and Sculder gets one with the shotgun.  No zeds appear from the gunfire.

Turn 6: Zeds go first with a 4 to the Team's 1.  Kay and Sculder both OD a zed each, but the gunfire attracts another zombie.

Turn 7: Activation roll is a tie so no one can move.

Turn 8: Zeds get a 3, activating before the Team with a 1.  The zeds are still unable to get through the door, but Kay ODs one more.  Sculder stops firing so he doesn't attract anymore zeds.

Turn 9: The Team activates with a 4 to the Zed's 2.  Kay ODs one.  The other zed closes and gets through the door, charging Sculder.  Fortunately for him, he passes 2d6 on the Being Charged test.  He fires and blows the zombie away with an OD, but he attracts another one from the shotgun blast.

Turn 10: The Zeds activate first with a 3, but the Team is inactive.  The remaining zed closes, but the team can't see it yet in the dark.

Turn 11:  The Zed moves first with a 3 over the Team's 2. 

Kay blasts the last zed, and doesn't attract anymore. 

Quiet now returns to the woods, but our heroes can't get back to sleep.  With the windows blown out and the door now unhinged by the charging zombie, they have to stay up and keep watch so they don't get caught off guard.

*     *     *     *     *
The team got a lot of lucky rolls - Sculder almost always ODed a zed whenever he fired with the shotgun, they didn't attract a lot of new zeds, and the zeds were inactive a quarter of the game, as well as not being able to burst through the door.  Good game but it could have turned out significantly differently . . . as could they all.


commissar80 said...

Lol i was one step from spearing my pc when i couldn't see the pictures clearly and adjusting them didn't work either, funny idea. Id probable forget about sleeping in that cabin and spend the night in the suv, at least sleep in shifts, but who could get any sleep after that incident. Nice write up keep them coming.

Sundance said...

commissar, I was going to photograph the action with normal lighting, then I thought, Heck, it's the middle of the night. Let's see what I can do with really dim lighting. It worked!

Zabadak said...

Can we at least have a full moon next time please ?

Quite a fun way of presenting an aar and why not !

The dynamic duo are pushing their luck imo though.

Zombie Ad said...

Nifty lighting effect, I did wonder for a bit, nice aar