Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 4c: The End of Ted

That afternoon, Bob hears Ted's door opening and closing as he packs up his car.  Bob peeks out the window and doesn't see any zeds so he opens his door and quietly calls to Ted to keep the noise down or he'll attract more zombies. 

"Yeah, whatever," Ted responds as he keeps moving.  "I called the cops on you and they said if those things were around here you were doing everyone a favor and I'd better get out of here or I'd get eaten by them."  He slammed his car door.  "I don't know what connection you have to the cops around here, but I'm out of here.  Between you and them, this is obviously the wrong place to be."

"Well stop slamming doors or I'll have to say I told you so."

Turn 1: Zeds, active; Ted, not active.  Ted stops to catch his breath.  Looking up he sees someone coming towards him.  "What the . . .?"

Turn 2: All inactive.

Turn 3: Ted is inactive; Bob activates with a 5 over the Zeds' 3.  Bob hears Ted screaming and cracks the door to tell him to shut up.  But then he sees the zeds. 

Grabbing his shotgun, he heads out the door and shoots both barrels, hitting and getting ODs on the two closest zombies.  No new zeds appear.  (I'm rolling one die per shotgun die rolled per our discussion on the Comments page of Day 4a: Good Morning, Sunshine!.)

Turn 4: Bob outactivates the Zeds again; Ted is still inactive.  Bob reloads and runs to grab Ted, but he won't budge - he's a little freaked out by what he's just seen and the zeds and all.

Turn 5: This time Ted activates, but Bob doesn't (!).  The Zeds are also active.  Ted runs for his door, but Bob is in the way.  The zeds are all within charge range so charge.  Three charge from Ted's back.  He passes 0d6 on the Being Charged Test because he's fighting three opponents. 

Two of the zeds pass their melee and drag Ted down.  They will spend the next three turns feasting on him.  Bob is charged by one zed from the front and one from his right.  He cannot move, but he passes 2d6 vs. each of the zombies charging him so he can fire.  He fires one barrel at the zed coming in from the front, but only gets a Knock Down, while he gets a hit and an OD with the other barrel against the zed coming from his right.  The gunfire attracts another zed. 

Turn 6: Bob activates with a 4, while the Zeds are inactive.  Bob reloads, backs off 7", and fires both barrels at the zombies munching Ted.  Unfortunately, he only hits one, but gets an OD on it.  No new zeds appear. 

Turn 7: The Zeds activate for 4 to Bob's 1.  Bob only passes 1d6 on the Being Charged test and preps for melee, but he can't fire.  The zed is only knocked down. 

Turn 8: Zeds beat Bob again with a 4 to his 1.  Since two of the zeds are still munching Ted and the second can't reach Bob yet, so he runs, heading for the gas station. 

Turn 9: Bob gets a 3 while the Zeds are inactive.  Bob heads down the road, careful to stay more than 6" from the zeds, and fires both barrels.  He misses one zed, but hits for an OD on the other.  No new zeds are attracted to the gunfire.

Turn 10: Bob get a 3 to the Zeds' 2.  Bob reloads and runs for the cover of the restaurant.  The zeds follow as he planned. 

Turn 11: Bob gets a 5, but the Zeds are inactive, apparently confused by Bob's movement.  He fires both barrels at the farther pair of zeds, killing one with an OD, but missing the other.  No new zeds are attracted to the gunfire.

Turn 12: Bob activates with a 4 to the Zeds' 2.  Bob reloads and heads around the back of the restaurant, again wanting the zeds to follow. 

Turn 13: Both are inactive.

Turn 14: They both roll 3s, so no one can do anything. 

Turn 15: Bob rolls a 5, and the Zeds score a 3.  Bob runs out to the road to catch the closer zed in the back.  He fires one barrel and hits for an OD.  The last zed turns and heads back towards the gunfire.  No new zeds appear.

Turn 16: Bob again activates ahead of the last Zed (just what he was counting on) and fires the other barrel of the shotgun, getting a hit for an OD.  No new zeds appear for the gunfire. 

Bob has to bury Ted's remains so it doesn't attract anything.  Darkness is falling so he gets the job done as fast as he can and returns to the room, where he barricades himself inside for the second night.  He is suddenly feeling much less secure.  He might have been able to turn Ted into an ally if Ted hadn't been lunch for the zeds.  Now, he's alone again. 


Zabadak said...

Good AAR and it sounds to me like Bob is better off without Ted !

commissar80 said...

In that kind of world, it was only a matter of time before something was bound to happen between Ted and Bob, hopefully bob will be able to find some survivors that are willing to work together with Bob. On a side note I was wondering what kinds of things and or personal belongings does Bob have in that trailer he's been driving around with?

Sundance said...

commissar, Bob and his friends started off on a week-long hunting trip. Bob has plenty of weapons and ammunition, a week's worth of clothes plus some, a week's worth of food, cooking utensils, etc., and that's pretty much it. Bob's been thinking he needs to acquire something like a machete and some other items he might have need of over the coming ordeal so he might need to make a shopping trip soon...