Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 4b: Back to the Woods

"Here's that cabin those kids told the sheriff about, Agent Kay," Sculder tells the other agent, who is on interagency loan (Agent Kay: Rep 5, "Pistol", Slow).

"Hmm, looks pretty quiet to me,"  Kay answers glancing around.

"I don't know," Sculder responds uneasily, "I wouldn't take any of it for granted.  You never know.  And these things are pretty vicious."

"Humph!  You ever been in a cockroach's belly?" Kay asks.

"Huh?" is all Sculder can get out - confused by this question.

Kay realizes he's said too much.  "Nevermind.  Let's see what we can find here."

*     *     *     *     *
"Uh, Kay?  Did you bring a shotgun with you?"  Sculder asks with a stutter.
"Well, I've actually got something better," Kay responds cryptically.
Sculder is again confused.  "Better than a shotgun?"
Kay confirms his previous statement with a "Yup!"
"OK, well good," says Sculder.  "Looks like you're going to need it - here come some of those things!"
Turn 1: There is a tie so neither side can move, but the agents whip out their weapons and get ready to fight. 
"What is that thing?" Sculder asks when he sees the tiny handgun Kay is holding. 
"A Kill-o-Zap," replies Kay simply.  (Kill-o-Zap: Range 12, Target 2, Impact 2 minimum(!))
Turn 2: Zeds are active first and begin to close the circle around the two agents.  Will this be the end of our intrepid agents? 

"Let's get the three in front of us first," Kay directs Sculder.  "That way we'll have some space to move in."  Sculder hits one for an OD with the shotgun.  "Good shot!  Here let me help," offers Kay. 
He fires and solidly hits the first zed, which - explodes!  The second one he only hits in the leg, but it tears the zed's leg off and drops it to the ground.
Kay yells, "OK - GO!" and the two of them take off running (Fast Move) through the space they just opened up. 
"What are you using - exploding ammo?" 
"Something like that."
Two more zeds appear as a result of the gunfire.
Turn 3: Agents activate first this time around.  Sculder fires his shotgun again and gets a Knockdown, while Kay gets another solid hit and the zombie explodes.  The zeds turn and move towards them, even the one missing its leg is crawling as best it can towards them.  No new zeds show up this turn.
Turn 4: Agents activate first again.  "Don't shoot, Sculder - let me try something," Kay calls.  Kay fires, getting two solid hits, but only ODs one, knocking a leg off the other one and dropping it to the ground also.  They then Fast Move to the left, trying to circle the zeds in a plan to move back to the car.  "Watch our backs, Sculder!"  Good thing Kay reminded him - another zed appears to their rear from the gunshots. 
Turn 5: Doubles - neither side can act.
Turn 6: Agents are active first.  Sculder fires the shotgun and gets two hits on a zed for an OD.  Kay explodes another zed, but only takes an arm off a second one.  Two more zombies appear from the shotgun blast.
"Head for the truck!"  The two agents Fast Move making it around the zombies to the truck.
Turn 7:  Zombies are inactive, so the agents jump in the SUV and fire it right up.  Fortunately, the noise doesn't attract any new zeds, but as Sculder drops it into reverse and is about the stomp on the gas, Kay says, "Wait!  We can't leave!  We have to find out the source of these things." 
"Darn it, Kay!  You're right, of course."  Sculder puts the SUV back in park and turns off the motor.  "Ready?"
"Let's do it!" and the two of them step back out of the SUV and move to where they can get a clear view of the zeds.  Kay fires and explodes another one, while Sculder fires at two of them but only hits one, fortunately getting an OD.  One new zed appears.
Turn 8: Agents activate before the zombies.  "Don't shoot unless you have to, Sculder.  I think it's your shotgun that's attracting them," Kay directs.  Kay explodes another zed with a solid hit.
Turn 9: Zeds are good, but the agents fail to activate!  Not a good place to be in.  Kay passes his Being Charged test against the first zed and fires, missing it completely(!).  With his second shot, he vaporizes the first zed just feet from him.  Two more charge and again he passes his Being Charged test, and prepares for melee.  In melee, they pass the same number of dice and the melee will continue.
Turn 10: Zeds are inactive, the agents are good.  Sculder rushes up and jams the shotgun into the mouth of one of the zeds meleeing with Kay.  He blows its head clean off.  Kay passes 2d6 to the zeds 0d6 in the melee and ODs it, but one new zed appears. 
Turn 11:  Zeds are inactive again this turn.  Kay explodes two more with the Kill-o-Zap, but another one appears.
Turn 12: The agents are inactive this time, so the few zeds remaining continue to close.
Turn 13: Agents are active first, followed by the zeds.  Kay explodes one more zed, but one charges Sculder.  He passes his Being Charged test and hits it for a knockdown.  Better than nothing!  No new zeds appear.
Turn 14: Agents are active first again.  Kay knocks one zed down, ripping its arm off.  No new zeds appear. 
Turn 15: Zeds are inactive.  Kay explodes a zed, but the one Sculder knocked down gets back up.  No zeds appear.
Turn 16: Team is active first.  Kay hits the last zed, but only knocks it down with its leg torn off. 
The team quietly picks off the last three zombies.  They can only crawl after all, and the team can finish them off at their luxury.  As they are finishing off the last one, another zombie appears.  On the next turn, Kay explodes it with two final shots from the Kill-o-Zap. 
*     *     *     *     *
The agents survived and can continue their quest to find where the zombies originated.  They might never know.  Or they might stumble on the secret one day.  We'll just have to hope they can solve the puzzle before they get eaten!


Doug Jeffreys said...

Glad to see you're back in action and I'm hoping to play another game of this. Have you made anything for after the research facility?

Sundance said...

Not yet, Doug. I'll have to think up something new for you guys to do one night.

Francis Lee said...

I want a Kill-a-Zap now!

commissar80 said...

It reminds me of a cross between men in black and the x files. Interested on how things may turn out for thoses two.

Zabadak said...

"Kill-a-Zap" - I love it. Good to see the intrepid duo back in action !