Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 4a: Good Morning, Sunshine!

Bob finds a small oasis in the middles of farms and woods.  A motel, service station and restaurant meet his weary eyes.  There are cars and people going about their business.  He opts to go straight to the motel, eat some of the camping food he has, and go to bed. 

He feels safe for the first time in three days, but all the same, brings some of his camping equipment and Joe's double-barrel shotgun into the hotel room to make sure he's covered.  He beds down for the night after taping cardboard over the motel window and jamming a chair under the knob of the locked door.

The next morning, Bob wakes up with a jolt.  It takes him a minute to recall what happened and where he is.  He breathes a sigh of relief and lays back but is only there for a couple of minutes before he realizes how hungry he is.  He also has to fill the Land Rover with gas. 

He showers and dresses before heading out the door for breakfast.  Breakfast?  It's nearly noon!  He slept almost 14 hours!  He walks almost to the road before he realizes that something is wrong.  He looks around and realizes that he sees some cars - one at the gas pumps, a couple at the restaurant, one at the motel - but he doesn't see any people, like he had the previous night.  Just in case, he returns to the room and grabs the shotgun, before heading back towards the restaurant.  Just as he reaches the street, he catches sight of the zeds - three coming between the restaurant and service station. 

Turn 1: Bob activates, but the zeds don't.  He advances 5 inches (sure to keep the zeds outside of 6") and fires both barrels of the shotgun, getting hits and Obviously Dead results on all three!  No new zeds arrive from the gunfire.

Turn 2: Activation results in a tie - neither side activates, but Bob reloads the shotgun.

Turn 3: Zeds activate first and move towards the sound of the shotgun.  Bob is right in the middle of two zombies coming at him from opposite sides. 

Bob fires at - and hits for an OD - the zed on his left.  He then rolls for a fast move and is able to move up to 16".  He heads for the rear of the restaurant, expecting the zeds to follow. 

Turn 4: Bob activates first and decides to take matters into his own hands.  He runs back out to the road and fires the other barrel of the shotgun at the zed by the truck in the service station, for a hit and an OD, then uses the remainder of his movement to head back towards the back of the restaurant.  The zombies move towards the sound of the gunfire.

Turn 5: No one activates.

Turn 6: Bob activates first again.  He has to reload to he keep moving around the back of the restaurant, being sure to stay out of sight of the zombies, who continue to move towards where they last saw him.

Turn 7: Bob activates first again and heads for the corner of the delivery van parked in front of the restaurant. 

From the cover of the van, he fires at the trail zombie, hitting it for an OD.  The other zed crosses the front of the restaurant towards him.

Turn 8: Bob doesn't activate, but the zed does, and charges. 

Bob passes the Being Charged Test and fires, hitting for an OD.

Just to be safe, Bob reloads and then begins a careful investigation of the buildings.  He finds no one in the restaurant, but runs into a zed in the service station, which he dispatches with a fortunate OD from the shotgun.  Searching the motel office and rooms, he finds a Male, Rep 3, Wuss, no weapons named Ted in one of the motel rooms.  They pass the same number of dice on Talk the Talk and decide to part amiably as the Wuss doesn't want to join Bob. 

Probably didn't believe what Bob told him about was happening.  Bob was carrying a shotgun and had killed a whole bunch of what - to the Wuss - looked like living people.  I mean, heck, would you believe him?

*     *     *     *     *
A while ago I was looking for paper buildings for this scenario, but decided it was more hassle than it was worth so I picked up some cheap HO buildings on sale from Hobbylinc and was able to build them over the last couple of weeks. 


Simon Q said...

Nice game report the table looks great imo

commissar80 said...

I am surprised Bob wasn't swarmed by zed with use of the shot gun, just about every time a shot gun blast went off in my games a horde would develop. Wonder how Bob and and his new companion will get along.

Clint said...

Nice report.

Lord Siwoc said...

Looks neat. And he lives on to the next day of the living dead!

Sundance said...

Commissar, I was wondering if I was doing something wrong. I only rolled one die per shot - should I have been rolling 2 or 4? Rules are not clear on that. Can't imagine rolling 4, or even 2 - a shotgun isn't any louder than a high-powered rifle, so one shot should mean one die rolled.

commissar80 said...

Iam not 100% sure iam not an expert on atz rules, Iam thinking because its a target 3 or 6 weapon it has more of a chance of producing zombies iam sure some one more knowledgeable then myself in atz will know i only played a handful of games. Hell you could be right.

Zabadak said...

Good bit of action there and the building look good to.
IIRC shotguns in ATZ throw 6 dice and you count all of them for the chance of producing z's

Sundance said...

I'll have to explore the rules more thoroughly and see if that can be clarified. You throw a whole chunk of dice to hit, but not sure what constitutes a shot. I'll also check over at the THW Yahoo Group. I want to make sure I'm playing it correctly, although Ed does encourage players to use what makes sense to them and modify what doesn't.

commissar80 said...

If i recall you can throw 6d6 and only count the highest three for hitting and count all 6 for tight ammo rolls or just throw down three dice and count only three for hitting and tight ammo rolls.