Monday, September 19, 2011

ATZ Campaign Day 0: Teaser


I'm not following the ATZ campaign system strictly.  Sometimes there will be more than one game in a "day".  Sometimes there might only be one in a "month".  I'm starting my hunters off with ordinary weapons that are easy to acquire (weapons that people would ordinarily own) and in an initial situation that isn't all that extraordinary.  I don't know how fast games will progress as I have a very limited budget for gaming.  I was originally going to use HO railroad buildings, but they are somewhat pricey so I'm going with scratchbuilt and paper buildings to populate my zed infested world.  As I introduce various things into the story, I'll add a link to where I found them so if you like them, you'll know where you can get them too.  I am going to use HO vehicles as civilian vehicles are really, really hard to find in 15mm and there is a wide enough variety available in HO that are decently priced.  Might add some more ground rules as we go, but for now, that will get us started.

The Teaser

"I've been waiting all year for this trip.  This is going to be excellent!"  Bob pumped his fist in the air.  "Let's hit the road!  YAHOO!"

He climbed into the Land Rover with Joe and pulled onto the street, speeding up slowly to give Ahmed and Angel in the VW time to catch up.  The friends all chatted happily as they headed out of Suburbia to Eagle Rock, their favorite hunting spot, and the little cabin that Bob's grandfather had built years before.  The trip would take a few hours and they were anxious to get there and set up camp before the opening of deer season the following day.

"I wonder if that monster buck still hangs around that abandoned ranger tower we found last year," Bob asked. 

"We aren't going to know until we get there, but I sure hope so," Joe responded.  "You wanna bet on who gets it?"

"Naw, we better wait until we get up there.  Angel and Ahmed are going to want part of that action, too." 

"You sure you packed everything we'll need?" Angel asked Ahmed.

"I think so."  Ahmed rubbed his bald head.  "We have food for a week and plenty of ammo for both the shotguns and the pistols.  I got slugs AND shot for the scatterguns.  If we get a deer, we'll have more than enough food for two weeks!  What more do we need?" 

"Ha!" Angel laughed.  "Well, we need clothes for the week.  I'm not putting up with a bunch of smelly men while I'm enjoying this hunt.  And I hope you brought the camping cook set and propane for the stove, silverware and plates.  I do intend to be civilized while we're roughing it."

Ahmed stretched back.  "Yup, no worries.  I got everything."  He settled down and dozed while Angel followed the Land Rover.  They were finally getting into the countryside.

Bob and Joe continued to discuss the prospects for a good sized deer and the time was passing quickly for them.  They both wanted the huge 12-pointer they had spotted that summer on a scouting trip to the cabin.  They had watched it for days and thought they knew its habits well enough that one of them should be able to get it this fall. 

The area was getting more wooded and hilly as they got farther from Suburbia and closer to Eagle Rock.  They were approaching one of the crossroads offering gas, lodging, food and supplies. 

"Hey, if you're ready to switch, get Bob's attention and pull in up at the gas station there," Ahmed mumbled sleepily rather than spoke.  "I could use a bite to eat and the restroom."

Angel tapped the horn a couple of times and Bob, surprisingly, duly pulled into the station.  When they stopped and got out to stretch their legs he said, "Not much farther now.  Another hour and we'll  be home sweet home for the week."

"Sounds good!  I can't wait!"

After a quick lunch and a stretch, they topped off their gas tanks, piled back into their cars and headed off on the last leg of the drive.

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Cool! Can't wait to see when they realize this hunt's a bit different than the norm... ;)

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