Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Zombie Hunters and Zombies

After working on them for months, I've finally finished my 15mm Rebel Minis zombie hunters and zombies.  Don't know when I'm going to get my first game in yet, though, as I don't have any scenery here!  Perhaps in a month or two.  In the meantime, I will be painting up various figures so check back occasionally to see what's up.  I can only promise that posts will be irregular, but that I will keep posting.

Most of my intrepid zombie hunters. 

Some zombies for them to hunt!

And more zombies!

I apologize for the poor photography.  I didn't realize that my camera had a macro until I was almost done taking the zombie pics.  I'll do better in the future.


Shelldrake said...

Good start - I am following and have added a link to my own zombie blog.

Sundance said...

Thanks, Shelldrake - I appreciate the support!

brutpaul said...

Nice work! Looking forward to your batreps.

Sundance said...

Thanks, brutpaul - so am I! :o)

Whiteface said...

Welcome! I love zombie wargaming blogs...regardless of how regular or irregular you will post.

So, will you do a zed outbreak campaign in your Democratic Republic Yerbouti?

Whiteface / Oliver

Sundance said...

I might work in a crossover in the future, but not soon. Too many things going on in both worlds to mix them together yet!